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February 20 update

We have completed the post production of the photos and they are now available on the online gallery!
To access, use the private code or the QR code that you find on the card given to your child.

Below you will find a short tutorial to use the platform:

how to use the online gallery

Prepare the card with your personal access code:

Click on the button and enter your confidential code!

All in One School:
the photographic experience dedicated to students

Also this year, thanks to the All in One method, we will shoot class photos in total safety involving your boys and girls in an engaging and aggregating activity which differs from the usual!

Thanks to the online gallery with access through personal password, you can order class photos and individual portraits: a unique opportunity despite the complicated period.

Please remember:
during the shooting we will give the students the personal code: do not lose it!

Scan the QR code and subscribe to the gallery to be notified when the photos will be available on line.

The class photo becomes a creative moment!

The students create a special picture and a keepsake for everyone!

Click on the button to get all the information about the shooting and a special gift!


  1. The All in One team will be present at the school for several days.

  2. In turn, each class will go to the photo set room.

  3. A training video on the role of the individual in the group will be projected.

  4. All the students will be individually photographed with the support of their friends.


  1. The best shots will be combined to create the class photo.
  2. Through an online gallery you can easily place the order.
  3. The photos will be directly delivered to the school
Mockups Design
Mockups Design
  1. The best shots will be combined to create the class photo.
  2. Through an online gallery you can easily place the order.
  3. The photos will be directly delivered to the school

What’s new this year!

  1. A new, more comfortable and high-impact format

  2. The possibility to insert  the photo of the whole school

  3. A new special package: memory box

This page is reserved for parents of the International School of Turin. If you belong to another school, click on the button for more information on All in One School.

Request photos: the online gallery.

During the shooting each student will be given a card with the personal code to access the online gallery and the instructions to order the photos. When you receive it, scan the QR code and subscribe to the gallery  to find out when the photos will be available

Prints of individual portraits

Prints on photographic paper, in different sizes starting from 13×18 cm

Digital files in high resolution.

Digital files in high resolution, ready to be printed and shared, starting from 20 euros.

Part of the proceeds are donated to charity

Last year, through AVSI, we helped CINDERELLA, a 14-year-old girl from Uganda. Find out more.

This year we decided to support “Specchio Dei Tempi”:

A foundation all about heart

  • 76 active projects
  • 318 thousand people helped
  • 19.219 Covid donations
  • 11.513.505 euro raised funds

Barriera di Milano and Madonna di Campagna have become arduous areas, also as a result of an accentuated deschooling that has led to the birth of real baby-gangs operating in some public gardens.

During 2019, the Stella Polare project was launched, which includes weekly “homework support” appointments as well as games and animation workshops for children in the most vulnerable areas of the city of Turin. During 2020, the project expanded to new areas, with an increasing number of young people in charge.

Una possibilità in più

Clicca sul pulsante qui sotto, scopri il servizio dedicato a fratelli, sorelle e alle famiglie che vogliono creare ricordi felici grazie alle fotografie.

You’re not just standing in front of a camera to take a picture but it’s a real experience that makes all children protagonists

Lara PazziHead of School, International School of Turin

These class photos are  modern and more cheerful than the standard ones. The kids have so much more fun!

Roberta SchirruMarketing & Administration Specialist, International School of Turin

With All in One we had a great time because they also respected all our safety standards

Gianluca ColluOperations Manager, International School of Turin

The students were very excited, they couldn’t wait to get on set and take the picture. It was a different and new experience for them and they were free to be themselves

Ayres LorraineTeacher, International School of Turin

All in one is 100% safe, even in this period

Different realities have chosen All In One in this period of restrictions and social distance!

Here are the rules we put in place to ensure the safety of all participants:

  • All our operators use  FFP2 masks during the whole shooting time
  • 3 m distance between the operator and the subject is maintained
  • Hand sanitizer is available on set
  • Depending on the dimension of the area, the number of people present is limited
  • Safety distance even for those waiting

We look forward to making the most beautiful class photo you’ve ever seen!


Fill out the form and enter your email to receive your special discount  and all the important information for the shooting:

  • the opening date of the online gallery

  • the instructions to access the gallery: the only way to place your order

  • 10% discount on your order

  • the timing of photos delivery to school

You will also receive as a gift a useful tool to avoid losing the photographs you care about the most: “Simple guide to safe backups: save your memories”


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